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“Sweeney heard music that nobody heard”

By Jerry Cohagan In just a few short months Sweeney Todd will be arriving in downtown Kankakee!  And over 4 months of hard work will come to fruition for one weekend in July.  A lot of work, here briefly, and then gone.  That is one of the gifts and curses of theatre, its ephemeral nature. …
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Helping “Frame” the Arts & Entertainment District in Kankakee

By Bill Yohnka I have explained to people, “It isn’t as if they just show up and do a show.” The experience that Acting Out Theatre Company brings to a community is much bigger than the nights of the production. I have seen and experienced the way Acting Out makes themselves part of the community…
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“But there’s no place like London”…or Kankakee

By Sharon Richardson The last few weeks have been very full and busy in regard to our upcoming summer production Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. On leap day – February 29th – we had our kick off staff meeting. We posed – as always – in front of our future stage…
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“Pie, Pie, Me Oh My…..”

By Julie Gindy Today, 3-14, is the unofficial pie day..π day if you will. .                     I do love pie! I particularly enjoy  the Applescotch pie recipe from my classic 1950’s Betty Crocker cookbook and one of my fave savory pies is The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Pot Pie. “Pie,…
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“Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd”

“Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd He served a dark and a vengeful god What happened then, well, that’s the play And he wouldn’t want us to give it away Not Sweeney Not Sweeney Todd The demon barber of Fleet Street”   After a full weekend of auditions we have a cast!! We were very fortunate to have…
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From the Russell Hotel to Fleet Street

By Mellody McDonald I first got involved with Acting Out during the production of Les Miserables, I had truly missed being involved in the theatre world.  The last major show I had worked was Les Miserables, what better way to come back to the theatre! I then had the privilege of being involved in A…
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Audition tips on your way to Fleet Street!

By Sharon Richardson Auditions are just around the corner and hopefully lots of you are gearing up for the big day! Auditions can be scary, especially if you really WANT a particular part. But the thing you should know is all of us sitting at the casting table are on your side and we are…
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Clothes Make the Man

As I write this, there are petticoats piled on the floor beside me and 1950s style dresses hanging in the doorway.  I’m in the midst of costuming West Side Story for ONU, and soon I will tackle the job of costuming Acting Out’s production of Sweeney Todd to be staged this summer.  I find myself…
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By Sharon Richardson The BTPD just wrapped up their 11th annual Wine & Beer tasting @ the Warehouse event Friday night. This marks the 4th annual for AOTC. We were #teamsweeney this year! Each year we represent our upcoming summer production and I’m always so amazed and humbled how willing the volunteer spirit is. Maybe…
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ACTING OUT … of love!

By Paula Denault As I contemplated ideas for this blog, I kept coming back to the idea that February is the month of LOVE.  On the surface, of course, we think immediately of the love we have for the significant others in our life, so this wouldn’t seem to apply to a theatre blog.  But…
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