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Finding the Happy in the Holidays

Finding the Happy in the Holidays

What is it about the holiday season that warms your soul? Is it a childhood memory, a family tradition, the opportunity to see your loved ones, the winter weather drawing you to snuggle by the fireplace, the sparkle of the lights on Christmas trees throughout the neighborhood, or is it the magic and wonder the season brings?

I find myself filled with an indescribable joy when the holidays begin as we gather for Thanksgiving with the family. This very special time of year when we share with one another what we are thankful for is precious and an opportunity to look inside to find what it is that truly makes us a grateful person. Realizing that happiness does not make us grateful, but finding that it is gratefulness that makes us happy.

The following weeks are filled with holiday cheer, warm wishes, and a genuine loving kindness in the air. The desire to spread kindness with one another, from the cashier at the store, to the bell ringers outside the store, to the loved ones in our life, has a rejuvenating energy. We all have this warmth in our souls that the holiday season brings out, and that, I find to be extremely magical. This positive energy brings a new sense of hope. It reminds us that when we are grateful, we are content, and we do not need for anything, and therefore, we give. Gratefulness is the root of happiness, and this wonderful season brings this light out in all of us.

So take some time each day to remind yourself what you are grateful for in your life. This gratefulness will bring the happy to your holidays.

Happy Holidays,

Kendra Souligne