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A Night In Sleepy Hollow

A Night in Sleepy Hollow Saturday October 14 rain reschedule is below...PLEASE READ Carefully! All shows are rescheduled.  - October 14th - for the 10:30…Learn More


Summer Stock

Summer stock theatre, distant kin to the medicine shows of the 1800s and P.T. Barnum’s Traveling Circus, finds its origin at The Muny in St. Louis, MO. Since its birth summer stock theatre has served the dual purpose of providing a training ground for young performers and quality entertainment for the locals of rural towns to enjoy during the summer season. We present one show each summer to inspire, enlighten, and educate our community.

Beauty and the Beast – July 21, 22 & 23, 2017


It’s A Wonderful Life

December 16, 17 & 18, 2016 LIVE from the Cameo Room at the Knights of Columbus in Kankakee, IL
More details coming soon!
Did you hear that? Teacher says every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings! So after you buy your tickets, gather up your guardian angel, hop in your 1941 Ford Convertible, and drive straight to the Knights of Columbus for our biennial fundraiser (Guardian Angels drink for free). Our old pals at the WKAN studio perform It’s A Wonderful Life, The Radio Play in front of a live studio audience (that’s you, kid). Spoiler Alert: It truly is a wonderful life.


A Night in Sleepy Hollow

Your presence has been humbly requested at the barn party of the century, the 18th century that is. Each October we hitch our wagon to the fearless team at the Bourbonnais Township Park District to bring you The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. We present this legend in the style of promenade theater. With a Sleepy Hollow native as your guide you will travel from camp to camp as the story unfolds. Your adventure culminates in high-speed chase into the Hollow. Enjoy the ride and don’t lose your head.