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Month: April 2017

An Honor, and a Privilege!

By Deb Laskey It’s an honor to be acting as make-up chair for this year’s AOTC summer production of Beauty and the Beast!  And, it will be a privilege to help transform a handsome young man into a ghastly beast.  And there will be many others from the community that will be transformed also; into…
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The Importance of Theatre

By -Miles Kolby Meador A few weeks back, I had the chance to meet up with an old friend from high school to go out on a Saturday night date. Keeping things classy, we decided to do the ever popular dinner and a movie combo, with a trip to Chili’s and the local AMC theatre…
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No Matter What

By John Haley No Matter What, the role of Maurice, in my estimation, has to be one of the best characters I could play.   Not that I look at all like the cartoon character. The entire show of Beauty and the Beast is not only extremely enjoyable to children, but also to the inner child that…
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Chance is Chip!

By Elizabeth James When I was twelve years old, my mother brought me to Chicago to see Beauty and the Beast. It was my first experience with musical theatre. To this day, I remember the way the lobby smelled. I remember the squish of the cushion on the seat. I remember how fast my heart…
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