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“Life is good here in our town.”

“Life is good here in our town.”

Dear Friends,

As we begin a new year, it is only natural that we contemplate our past successes and blessings, and dream of our future.
As I think about Acting Out Theatre Company, I feel very fortunate be a part of a company that is so community-minded. As I think of our community, my mind drifts off to those memories that made the Kankakee area such an integral part of my childhood. As a young girl, my friend and I would hop on our tandem bike and ride across town to the Riverview Area, admiring every one of “our future homes” with its character and charm. On the way back home we’d find ourselves at the Station Street Dairy Queen or Lola’s Penny Candy Store for a sweet treat. I frequently visited Bird Park, as well, where I would feed the ducks stale bread and lettuce, and then walk under the bridge to visit the peacocks and deer in the cages. I remember shopping with my mother in downtown Kankakee: Alden’s with its fragrant women’s perfume counter and adventuresome escalators, Samuel’s where the clerk put your money in a capsule and sent it off in a suction maze to the third floor to get change, or to Kresge’s with its long, shiny-clean soda counter. If I was lucky enough to shop with my Dad, I knew it would end at Sears with a visit to the candy counter to get some fresh-roasted peanuts. Mmmm… sweet, precious memories.
Time changes everything, of course, but memories continue to be made. Our young people will have memories of visiting the Farmer’s Market for filling up on hot powdered sugar donuts, fresh strawberry lemonades, and kettle corn, while stopping every quarter-round or so to talk to their “neighbors” or sit and listen to local talent by the gazebo. Children will remember hiking the Perry Farm trails or visiting the Exploration Station. Many families will remember sitting on the grounds at Perry Farm, immersed in the magical performance of Beauty and the Beast. More great memories.
Just like that, I’m brought back to the present, and why I choose to be on this board. In part, I choose to invest in something that will provide children and families with precious memories. These memories are more than just memories, however. They are the impetus for building a future, right here, in our fair town. They are memories that say “you are safe,” and “you are home” and “life is good here in our town.”
Won’t you join Acting Out in providing lasting memories for the people of our community? Our standards are high, as we strive to stay involved in community events throughout the year and provide a memorable show experience each summer. Without you, however, it is not possible. We need community to provide the best community theatre possible! Every donation is a vote of confidence in us, and we will endeavor to live up to that trust.
Sincerely –

~Paula Denault & The Acting Out Theatre Co. Board of Directors –Sharon Richardson, Julie Gindy,
Ryan Schultz, Jean Roth, Mike Pranger, Kendra Souligne, Jackie Fisher & Diane Marcukaitis

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As always we thank you for your continued support, we could not do this without our very generous community!