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Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

By Nick Adams

My first experience with Acting Out and outdoor theatre has been a challenging one. From receiving a role I did not expect, to the many nights of long rehearsals and rainstorms. I say challenging, not in a negative way, but in the most positive way possible.

I have been stretched and have grown as an actor, have met many new friends, and have learned to go with the flow and be flexible (especially when unexpected storms blow through!). But all of the stress, fatigue, and worry will pale in comparison to the end result. The payoff.

The moment the orchestra plays the overture, all of the stress of the past few months melts away with the music, and the cast comes out and puts on the best show they can. And the second the audience applauds for the first time, we all remember why we do what we do. Why we put ourselves through these trying experiences and rough moments that come with putting on a show.
It’s worth it.

As actors, it is worth it to lose sleep and be worn out from long, hot nights of rehearsal, only to do it again the next night. When we see how the show we’ve worked so hard on come to life and wow you, the audience, we would do it all again in a heartbeat. Without an audience, what we do is meaningless. So thank you to all who support the arts and give meaning to what we as actors do, and for making our challenges worth it.