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The Sharpest of Shears

The Sharpest of Shears

By  Dee Sarowatz

Did you know that Barbers were once known as Barber-Surgeons? The most organized groups were in Europe, however barbers became surgeons in different cultures and on many different continents. Very few people had money to pay for surgeons, while barbers were cheap and they were the people with the tools! Their experience led them to such things as: extracting teeth, cutting out gallstones and hangnails, and lancing abscesses. Many clients/patients would go for a semi-annual blood letting, much like you and I take our car in for an oil change! Ew!

barber pole

As bloodletting became one of their main responsibilities,barbers would signify their presence with a red and white striped pole. Red represents arterial blood and white signifies the bandages. barbershops today are recognized with the added color blue, which represents venous blood.

Why the history lesson? To give you an idea of why the razors and sharp tools are a common factor in Sweeney Todd’s Barbershop.


In my 38 years working as a licensed barber; I have witnessed many changes in the profession, one example being when AIDS hit America, most barbers put their razors away and started using electric razors. I’ve seen styles come and go, but the profession stays the same.

People, friendships and relationships are what led me to Acing Out Theatre Company. My name is Dee Sarowatz and this is my fourth production helping with hair and wigs. I love being around the actors, a unique group who inspire more than they realize. The shows that AOTC have produced are the ‘sharpest of shears.’ From the music and costumes, to the set and lighting, and let’s not forget the fabulous talent!

So go downtown Kankakee and see Acting Out Theatre Company’s production of Sweeney Todd. You’re entertainment will be honed to perfection, I’m sure you won’t regret it.
However, if someone offers you a pie, you may want to think twice before indulging!