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Category: Into the Hollow

I’m a Fall Fiend

By Sharon Richardson You know all the people that went nuts the day after Halloween with all their Christmas giddiness?  That’s me the weekend before Labor Day.  So yeah.  August.  Fall decorations are out, pumpkin spice coffee is brewing, and there are mums on the front porch. It gives me a snuggly feeling inside with…
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In the Blink of an Eye

By Nathan Haug And just like that, Halloween is over but the memories and lasting experience will be ingrained in my memory for years. My name is Nathan Haug and this was my experience working with Acting Out and what an experience it was! I grew up in Kankakee county, but never was able to…
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Sleepy Hollow Family Time

By Rob Bishir Welcome to the White Horse Tavern!  Another year of Sleepy Hollow has come and gone and this year was a little bit different and a little more personal.  No, I’m not talking about being rained out (twice), that was a tale told wonderfully last week.  This story starts back several years ago. …
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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

By Paula Denault It’s 4:00 on Sunday evening, and the staff, cast, and crew of Sleepy Hollow has gathered one last time to recreate the magic that is “A Night in Sleepy Hollow Reenactment.” As we enjoyed our dinner provided by the Mancino’s we all chatted about the night ahead and nervously checked our weather…
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Ninety Seconds of Chaos

By Mike Van Dorpe For most guests who wander through A Night in Sleepy Hollow, they start their show at 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm and so on, then about an hour later you end up back at the starting gate to head back to village talking about with their friends about the revamped Hollow…
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An “Anything but Sleepy” Hollow Experience

By Michael Keigher  What does the weather, sleepy hollow ticket sales, and our progress this year all have in common? They’re all going strong and hot! The changes made throughout the experience will delight veteran viewers and first timers alike. From character changes, additions to the experience, and a whole new hollow, one is guaranteed…
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Not Your Typical Walk in the Park

By Shauntia Mettlin Sleepy Hollow is my favorite time of year! Time to start drinking Pumpkin Coffee from Dunkin Donuts and watch the leaves turn at Perry Farm. I love the sunsets, the smells, and the colors of fall! I can vividly recall my first memory of the Headless Horseman. My birthday falls a few…
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Some Sleepy Stuff

As we ready ourselves for our yearly journey into the hollow, we often revisit some old favorite videos and such! Mojo’s “Top 10 Notes” A bit trivia from Mental Floss – Sleepy Hollow (and its Legend) Of course the 1949 Disney version with Bing as narrator is a must! Some fun Headless Horseman commercials from over the years…
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Fresh Blood

By Sharon Richardson Here we are at year 7 performing the reenactment portion of BTPD’s A Night in Sleepy Hollow.  It has evolved throughout the years by moving to the historic barns and adding new segments to the story that updates and keeps it fresh and exciting while maintaining the authenticity of the story.  As…
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