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True As It Can Be

True As It Can Be

By Julie Gindy

I love a fairy tale. I grew up reading the classics, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and many more. Nothing says a happy childhood like a cannibalistic witch, coo-ca-ly coo there’s blood on the shoe or a terrifying giant.

Though this story is truly a “Tale as Old as Time”(Some history here) I was not introduced to Beauty and the Beast until the Disney version in 1991, since then I have watched the animated classic on countless occasions. I also enjoyed decorating the set for the musical in 2006 and have seen several stage productions including the one at Walt Disney World.
Last Thursday a group of us from our Beauty and the Beast staff journeyed to New Lenox to see a “First Look” of the new film in IMAX.

It was fantastic, I can’t wait to see it again to absorb more of that Disney magic!
I find it interesting to think about the Disney evolution of Beauty and the Beast – the animated story, musical theatre productions, the shortened theme park version and now a live-action re-telling of the animated classic.
What a perfect time to be putting on this production! We cannot wait to draw the best features from all of the above and bring you this tale as old as time in true Acting Out Theatre Co. fashion.

Yesterday we gathered at the acting out shoppe for a read thru with our newly acquired Beauty and the Beast cast….WOW…one thing that is “True as it can be”…we have a very talented team of actors!!

Stay tuned as all of the pieces to putting on this grand production unfold.