Strike up the band!

By Ryan Schultz

Every year my first blog seems to come earlier and earlier. But, even though it’s hard to believe,
auditions are right around the corner. This year, for the first time, we are putting on a Disney
family classic, one that is a timeless story that has been enjoyed by millions over the years. And
we have the added bonus of being able to tell the story in the wake of the new movie that is
sure to engage the imagination of a new generation of children


The challenge in dealing with music that is so well-known is to take a fresh look and play to the
strengths of our cast (which makes auditions exciting and scary!). I am excited to work with
Alyssa Norden this year to bring this musical vision to the stage. And, in the tradition of Acting
Out, we are looking forward to a tremendous orchestra to bring the score to life on those warm
summer evenings. Working with iconic music is a thrill and I look forward to working with many
of our orchestra “regulars.” Acting Out has become a family for many of them as well and they
always look forward to coming back summer after summer


As we gear up for auditions, we encourage all of you to try out, get involved, and help us put on
a memorable production. For many of us, we can’t imagine a better way to spend our summer!
It takes so many individuals to make our production truly unforgettable and we could use your
help. Pick up a horn, a paintbrush, or a script and let’s get to work! See you all in a few weeks.