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It’s in the Air!

It’s in the Air!

By Michael Keigher


Can you smell it?

Fall is in the air! Question is… What exactly is that smell? Some people think it’s the smoky air from the first bonfire of the season. For others, it’s the smell of pumpkin spiced everything. For me, the true smell of fall comes from a stinky barn. When I return to Perry Farm to work on sleepy hollow, I know fall has arrived!


Over the past 5 years I have been fortunate enough to work on Sleepy Hollow in a few different capacities. This year I have been blessed with the opportunity to co-direct with the amazing Sharon Richardson. We have been brainstorming and planning on how to make this year bigger and even better than before. This year we have a lot of new surprises in store.


One of the most exciting changes we have this year would be with the relocation of the White Horse Tavern. As Grandma Dorothy used to always say, “The only thing better than one barn is two!”. We have moved the tavern into one of the barns at Perry Farm and hope to add a new experience at this stop. We also added a few more scares along the way… but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.


Last Thursday we had our cast read thru and a new element filled the air. One could barely smell anything but the potential that radiated from our new cast. We have many new faces this year that will help being a new taste to the experience. The cast’s energy, positivity, and potential filled my heart with joy and hope for one of the best years ever.


Excitement is in the air! Can you smell it?


A Night in Sleepy Hollow Reenactment tickets go on sale September 24,  HERE!