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By Sharon Richardson
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The BTPD just wrapped up their 11th annual Wine & Beer tasting @ the Warehouse event Friday night.


This marks the 4th annual for AOTC. We were #teamsweeney this year! Each year we represent our upcoming summer production and I’m always so amazed and humbled how
willing the volunteer spirit is.

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Maybe it doesn’t hurt that there is some wine & beer to be had! Overall, each year feels like an official jumping off point for our journey together. Staff meetings are beginning – auditions are just around the corner – brainstorming is in process. There is a certain feeling I get in the pit of my stomach – some say it might be a feeling of fear – and maybe that is a piece of it –
but I compare it to the feeling you get when you know magical things are ahead but yet the picture isn’t quite in focus. You know, like the feeling a child gets about Santa’s
upcoming visit throughout the month of December.



I see pieces of what the stage might look like – what the audiences may feel and see – how the preshow party will shake out in our new venue – how the characters in my imagination might actually turn out to be – and the list goes on and on….. At this point, ANYTHING is possible.
As I was chatting on Friday night with our light guru Brad Mietzner – that also lit our awesome warehouse location this year in the historic Roper Building

– he said something to the effect of “you really love to come into a space and transform it, don’t you?” And I responded, “Yes, yes I do, nothing drives me more.” It’s hard to put into words exactly why it is such a rush. It is an intrinsic feeling to be part of the transformation and thankfully I am surrounded by an incredible team that feels it too! Thank you #teamsweeney for “getting it” and helping make magic happen year after year!
So I encourage everyone to join us on Merchant Street this summer as we transform it into Fleet Street from 1800’s London! Maybe you will feel the rush too!

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