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Category: Tale as Old as Time

A Moment to Never Forget

              By: AE Sarver It was a weekend full of “Once Upon a Time’s” and “Happily Ever After’s.” Looking back on Acting Out’s Beauty and the Beast reminded me of the importance of experience. I had the opportunity to be the Lady-in-Waiting to three beautiful little girls that we…
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Princess for a day…or two!

By Amy Tibbetts I find in life that experiences with my children are far more memorable than any tangible item I can get them. The Acting Out Theater Company made that happen on three different days this summer.  The first was Belle’s Enchanted Tea Party.  From the minute we arrived and were greeted by actors…
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Brave Like Belle

By Lisa Graft I didn’t know what to expect when I brought my almost-3-year-old daughter Josie to see Beauty and the Beast this summer.  She’s never been to a movie theatre or musical, and most days she can’t even sit still through one episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!  But I was pleasantly surprised by so…
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“Small Town” Theatre

By Doug & Pam Porter When we moved to Bourbonnais in 1998, Pam was coming from a city background (Chicago suburbs, Milwaukee suburbs), and I had grown up in rural Spearman, Texas (pop. 3535) which I had fond memories of, but did not regret leaving.  So, the question “Will there be anything to do in…
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Rainy Days … and Mondays

By Sharon RIchardson Maybe the Carpenters iconic song pops in your head when you read these words – but for me it is all about Beauty and the Beast.  We fought rain this year – hard.  Stormy rehearsals – waiting it out under the leaky stage – running to the farmhouse to finish Gaston/Beast fight…
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“Acting Out” of My Comfort Zone

by McKenzey Testerman When I think about my experience with Acting Out Theater Co. this summer, lots of memories and emotions flood my mind. There were some nights, like the June bug massacre, when I was prone to wonder, “Why are we doing this outside?”  But there were other nights when the sun would be…
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A Beautiful Experience

By Sergio Pena Pacheco This was my first show with Acting Out Theatre Company.  It was a beautiful experience, and I can’t wait to do it again.  Everything from the stage being built to a delayed opening night was amazing.  I loved all the costumes put together with the lights, set, and props.  The great…
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Tale as Old as Time with a Twist!

Well it’s tech week and all of our hard work is starting to pay off. We will have a coming together of all of the parts this week and boy is it exciting. Saturday night was the Sitzprobe, a seated rehearsal where the actors first sing with the orchestra, and really just WOW! Our light…
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Why We Do What We Do

By Nick Adams My first experience with Acting Out and outdoor theatre has been a challenging one. From receiving a role I did not expect, to the many nights of long rehearsals and rainstorms. I say challenging, not in a negative way, but in the most positive way possible. I have been stretched and have…
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