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Month: November 2016

Timing is Everything

By Randy Tumblin Timing is everything.  Ask any stand up comedienne who has stood before a live audience as he or she delivers a one liner.  If the pause is too long, the humor can go dry.  If the comedienne delivers the line too quickly, the audience can’t digest the humor and the joke goes…
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Choosing a Wonderful Life

By Allison Beasley When tragedy strikes a person’s life, inevitably one’s life changes. Those changes can either define your life negatively or you simply try and learn from it. In January my 68-year-old father went to see his doctor with some mild stomach discomfort. He was immediately hospitalized and diagnosed with a rare form of…
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Beauty and the Beast 2017

Sans plus de cérémonie (Without further ado!) Join us at the edge of the forest in Bourbonnais Township Park District’s Perry Farm Park….is that Beast’s castle off in the distance? We hope you will “Be Our Guest”! Check out our production staff!    

Fall by the Numbers!

By Sharon Richardson Sometimes the brain functions better when it knows the number of things that need to be accomplished.  For me that number seemed a tad daunting as we were coming off of our big summer show Sweeney Todd. We launched right away into the fundraiser Nightscape – which had been going on in…
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