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Month: June 2016

“That’s what makes the gravy grander!”

By Kirsten Bishir When I heard last year that Sweeney Todd was in store for Summer 2016, I was a little nervous.  Well, I am always a little nervous planning the preshow event.  This year was going to be different though, Sweeney Todd is dark, creepy dark, it is not CATS.  How can I set…
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A Double Dip of Sweeney

            By Kyle Cassady Now I’ve been acting around the country for a long time now. In my acting training at Western Illinois University, I had been exposed to many musicals and plays. It’s no secret that I’ve been excited for Sweeney Todd since AOTC announced it on my birthday two…
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The Sharpest of Shears

By  Dee Sarowatz Did you know that Barbers were once known as Barber-Surgeons? The most organized groups were in Europe, however barbers became surgeons in different cultures and on many different continents. Very few people had money to pay for surgeons, while barbers were cheap and they were the people with the tools! Their experience…
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But No Jazz Hands

                By Case Koerner Sweeney Todd may be a musical, but when you see Acting Out Theatre Company’s production of it, you won’t be seeing any jazz hands or kick lines. Sweeney Todd is one of my favorite musicals, which is odd for me. I’ve been dancing since…
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