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Audition tips on your way to Fleet Street!

Audition tips on your way to Fleet Street!

By Sharon Richardson


Auditions are just around the corner and hopefully lots of you are gearing up for the big day! Auditions can be scary, especially if you really WANT a particular part.


But the thing you should know is all of us sitting at the casting table are on your side and we are rooting for you! When you walk into the room – whether we’re friends, casual acquaintances or perfect strangers – we want you to blow us away! We have done no pre-casting in our heads and we can assure you that the auditions will be completely open and fair. The person who is best for that particular part on that particular day – gets the part! Simple, right? We want the best show, that’s all, and, like cooking, an excellent show or meal is only as good as its individual ingredients.
Sounds easy enough, right? We know, it’s not. But, here are some tips that might help you have a great, relaxed and memorable audition.

• Choose the role(s) you are going for carefully. Are you right for the part? Is your vocal range compatible?
• Be confident!
• We want to know that you have really thought about the show and your character before you come in to the audition. We’re specifically looking for people who understand the strong themes of the show and are willing to work with them (and us) for the greatest possible dramatic effect.
“You never get a second chance to create a first impression” – be in the moment as you walk into the room. You only have a short time to show us what you’ve got, and we want to see it all!
• Be prepared and look like you are.
• Show as much emotion and motivation as you can. If the song or speaking part merits facial expressions and character movements, put your all into it! Not only will it tell us what you can do onstage, but it will definitely help you stand out from others auditioning.
• Learn the words to the song and/or speaking sections, if you can. You are much more able to emote and act the part if you are not reading from a sheet of paper. And keep your head up, we want to see your face!
• Speak and sing clearly. We need to hear the words. DICTION is the order of the day.
• Be fully prepared for your audition by vocally warming up beforehand; it doesn’t have to be fancy – run through your song(s) a few times (better yet, perform it for someone else and sing it in the shower) Just get those chords warmed up so you’ll be ready and confident for your audition.
• Take care of your body that day too. Don’t eat too much right before you sing, and keep hydrated (warm tea is great for loosening vocal chords and supporting your immune system).
• Feel free to dress for the part or bring a simple prop with you if you feel this will help.
• Never apologize.
• And finally, good luck and HAVE FUN!

keep calm and audition

It’s the last point that we really want you to focus on.
We KNOW you are good and we’d love to work with all of you – it’s just a matter of matching the right person to the role. So don’t be nervous. Have fun, relax and show us your stuff!

Be there on March 5th! And don’t forget to sign up online  – today!!

Sweeney can’t wait to see you!